Home Automation and Smart Security

DFW Security Home AutomationHow would you like to keep your home and family safe, conserve energy and save money – all while gaining more time to enjoy the people and things you love?

Home Automation and Smart Security together make it possible. By combining a wireless home security system with smart automation, you get more out of both systems, and you pay less than buying the two systems separately.

Affordable Home Automation

Having a high-tech home isn’t just about having the latest and greatest toys. It is about running your home more efficiently with less effort on your part. Schedule your systems to adjust automatically based on your location, activity and preferences.

Some examples:

  • To save energy, have your thermostats adjust automatically when no one is home, and readjust when you get within 5 miles of returning.
  • Save steps by programming  your system to automatically lock all the doors, turn all the lights off, and adjust the thermostat  when you arm your security system in the Away mode.
  • Schedule your porch light to come on after dark and turn off at midnight.
  • Set your cameras to record only when there is motion in a specific area during a certain time window, or only when a door opens, is unlocked, etc.
  • Have all the doors lock when you lock the front one.
  • When your alarm goes off, have all the lights flash on and off, and all the cameras record.

Get Reminders

Many people forget to set their alarm system, leave their garage door open or leave town without turning down the thermostat. With home automation and smart security, you can get a text message when any of those occur, and use your mobile app to fix the problem.

Save Energy

Shave dollars off your electric bill with our energy management tools. Track usage by device, kilowatt-hour and dollars. Use smart schedules to optimize energy savings, and location-based services to reduce waste.

Advancements in Home Security

Smart security isn’t your grandmother’s – or even your mother’s – home alarm system. Smart systems protect against power failures, internet outages, crash and smash burglaries, cut phone lines and more. Wireless 2-way communication combined with an award-winning mobile app and impressive home management website make smart security the most comprehensive home protection available. Install home automation and smart security together, and you have an unbeatable formula for a cost, time and energy efficient home.

DFW Security is the value leader in smart home technology for the Dallas Fort Worth area, as well as offering basic alarm monitoring from $12.95 per month. Call us at (855) 840-1295 for more information. DFW Security is “Making life simplesafesmart.”

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One thought on “Home Automation and Smart Security”

  1. This sounds like a great home security system. People should do some of these things anyway, like turning off all the lights and locking the doors when you leave, not turning your porch light on until it gets dark, etc. However, it would be so much more helpful if a security system did it for you so you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Who wouldn’t want to save time and energy? This is great, thanks for sharing.

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