HVAC Contractor Resources

What we do for our HVAC Dealers and Contractors?

We help our HVAC companies learn how to leverage technology (web, search, social, mobile and video) to help education and communicate with clients and prospects. Our HVAC companies spend time in trainings and development programs, learning how to better serve customers and prospects through advanced technology.

Get Listed in our HVAC Directory

  • List your business, skills, certifications, website and contact information inside our CI HVAC Directory
  • Link your Quote Request Form from your website directly to the Get a Quote link on CI HVAC Directory and Drive Traffic to your site
  • Sign up for a complentary Website Analysis and Internet Marketing Strategy Session
  • Register for Training and learn how to increase leads and opportunities through web, search, social, video and mobile marketing

Our goals: HVAC Contractor Resources

  • Improve your return on every marketing dollar
  • Improve website performance in placement on search engines
  • Improve website conversions to new prospects
  • Improve customer interaction and customer service within social sites
  • Increase new leads generated from social media sites
  • Leverage video and mobile marketing
  • Measure the Results of your marketing efforts to cut out waste and reinvest in high leverage activities

As technology changes, so does the way your customers are doing research, evaluating and deciding on solutions providers. Learning how to use social media, video and content marketing to better connect with customers in today’s fast pace enviornment.